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Audio Projects

Below you'll find just a few things that I've worked on in the last year.  I try to keep this updated although some of them are from 2022.  Give a listen to the differences and style that I use.  This list is separate from audio post production and music composing, for those areas, please visit my video page

Music Productions

Audio Engineer

I have produced tracks for local bands and national acts over the last few years.  Here are a few examples of those projects from the studio and live recording.

TJ_How Sweet It Is
Demi The Daredevil_LIVE REC
TJ_Mad World
Still Breathing_Deliverance
Still Breathing_Deliverance
Still Breathing_Deliverance
Trip and TJ_Life For You
Dustin Drew_The Journey

Audio Cleanup

Audio Engineer

Using cutting edge tools and techniques, I can take that shoddy audio you picked up on the fly and make it sound professional.  Here you'll find one of my clients who needed podcast audio cleaned, this was a church podcast which was recorded at wway too high gain, we got rid of that using RX8 and some clever EQ notching, FX and more.  We gave it a full EQ treatment and used a neural network tool to reshape the room reverb out of it.  There was a bad transformer hum in it that we used RX8 to work out as well.  I can work on podcasts, talks, video, music or any other project that you need to bump quality up on!

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