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The following are some applicable positions which I have held over the previous 25 years.  This list is not all-inclusive, please download full resume and cover letter for more detailed analysis of my work history.  Trust me when I say that it is eclectic! 

My path started in the US Air Force as an Intelligence Analyst.  I have held many business positions in loss prevention, risk mitigation and management, but there has always been a yearning keeping me in a creative secondary position.  Because I spent so much time moonlighting, I am an asset to any company needing a fully capable creative who also knows the needs of a business from P&L to leadership and project management. 

Take a look at my abbreviated creative resume and let's talk about your project or company and how I can help you to meet your goals, build quality content and lead your team to success!


Freelance Designer

Clapper Board Logo Icon.H03.2k.png

Source, price and execute on graphic design, video editing and audio production.  Using platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork I create energetic content for clients around the globe. Whether you need music that sells your product, video content of the highest quality, logo design, page layout or any other creative endeavor, I have experience with relevant and measurable success.

Banana Pancakes, Ltd.

Denver, CO


Director of Marketing

Xhilo Logo Extended TRACED.png

Manage the marketing cycle from lead generation and CRM to scheduling and executing social content.  Creating promotional and explainer videos and designing logos and collateral to sell the end product.  End-to-end marketing support and execution. 

Xhilo Academy/Educ8U

Denver, CO


Multi-unit Manager


Sales management and administration of two Verizon retail stores.  Retail commerce and leadership principles and other growth points. Leadership of 24-40 sales staff, including daily coaching and development.  Graphic design for local initiatives.  

Verizon Wireless

New York / Colorado


Sound Engineer


Recording and live sound service for small and regional bands. Marketing, sound engineering, graphic design and all other aspects of the business.  Generated leads, managed bookings and promotions, and sourced contractor engineers to assist with shows and studio sessions. 

Full Circle Studios

Oklahoma City, OK


Intelligence Analyst


Intelligence analyst responsible for training aircrew of theater specific threats, enemy countertactics and operations, current events and more.  Maintain military bearing and disseminate information up/down chain of command. 





Acad. of Contemporary Music @ UCO

Music production degree consisting of Pro Tools and Logic instruction, editing, mixing, patching, console/outboard operation, session running, music business, LV electronics and cabling, video editing (FCP), live sound reinforcement and more. 

Music Production - Associates of Applied Sciences

Oklahoma City, OK


Bellevue University


Basics of business administration and marketing, finance, inventory, leadership and more.  Close focus on eCommerce, funnel management and modern marketing cycle.

Business and Marketing - Bachelors

Bellevue, NE


FCPX & Adobe Premiere/AE

Transitions and effects

Color Correction

Graphics (Lower 3rds, text, etc)

Video encoding

Content Creation

Audio post-production for film

Adobe Creative Cloud pro



Pro Tools Certified

Logic Pro X


Session Running

EQ & dynamics processing

Audio post production for film

Signal Chain

Mic'ing instruments/Direct injection

Analog audio 

Live sound production

Physics of sound

End-to-end audio guru

Graphic Design

Adobe suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, et al)

Figma, Canva, Motion Array, Express, et al

Basic coding (HTML5/CSS)

Web UX / UI

Creative Design elements

Logo design


Overall Tech

Apple/Windows expert user

Avid Musician (Drums, guitar, bass, keys)

Gear troubleshooting and repair

Asset management

Audio post-production for film

Soft/hardware troubleshooting

Soft/hardware integration

Adobe Creative Cloud pro

Soft Skills

Leadership & development

Time Management, timeline, deadlines, etc

Emotional Intelligence


Business Administration

Project Management

Budgeting and P&L

Conflict resolution

Critical thinking

Collaboration and teamwork

Communication (Oral & written)

Workflow efficiency

Training, development and mentorship

Human resources



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