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Film Reel

Video Projects

Social Media Content

Several explainer and interview videos filmed in my own studio defining an NFT project.

Site Bumpers, tags, and other visual elements.

This is a very sharp parralax promo bumper that was used on the home page for Xhilo Academy.  No audio, as this was just a running bumper.

Educ8U (voiceover artist and editor)

In this additional video created for Educ8U, I storyboarded, cut and wrote the voiceover in addition to recording it entirely in my own studio.  


This is a SONY/Bluray promo I completed in a contest in school around 2014.  The company sent assets and held a contest for someone to create a bumper for their DVDs, mine was selected for it.  The only audio element included was a reference track and the Will Smith line "We're going to change the world".  The SFX and music are entirely mine. 

TikTok/Reels/Snap video

A cross-posted video for play2earn with a changes aspect and a few visual changes

Music Video

This is a music video for a band called BRONCHO in Oklahoma City.  This was a class project that taught Final Cut for music professionals, we were given the assets and told to cut it into a video

Xhilo Academy

This is a promotional video for Xhilo Academy.  Built with a mix of shot B-Roll and stock footage/greenscreen elements.  

Educ8U Promo

Promotional video for an education company built with stock footage and some created typeface/graphic elements.  This is a stomp style fast promo.  

Play 2 Earn Crypto project

This is a promo video built for a blockchain company which was promoting SANDBOX and play to earn for crypto yield farming.  Graphics-heavy intro and some funny elements.


This documentary was scripted, storyboarded and shot entirely by me, it took a total of about 30 days due to the interviews needed as well as the color correction involving several different cameras, some great, some not-so-great.

Educational Video

This was a project for E4 Ministry, a bible training group.  This intro and outro were built by me including the clipping mask, music and typeface.  I also filmed it but it was using the Church's equipment, a camcorder and some GoPro cameras.  The asset was given to me to add music and graphics.  

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